Please download and read the entire MAT121 course syllabus.

This course is taught with free materials with the option to purchase a print copy of the text for under $15 + shipping.  The course materials include videos for every topic covered, a full eBook, and online assessment with instant feedback.  Since the materials are free, you can sign up early and begin to review the materials before the class starts.  There is no reason to get a late start in the course. 

Welcome to Mr. Sousa's MAT121:  Intermediate Algebra Class!

1.  While you wait for course to begin, please complete the following survey:  Student Information Survey.   

2.  Get to know your classmates.

  • Share one thing you did over the break.
  • When and where do you plan to work on the homework?
  • Anything else you want to share with your classmates...

3.  Course Introduction

4.  Math Notebook

  • Everyone needs to keep an organized and detailed notebook for this course.  Your notebook will be one of your best resources for the course.
  • Your notebook should have designated sections for your Notes, Homework, and Tests.
  • You should take notes on each section from the video lessons and when you read the textbook.
  • For each homework assignment, you should have a new piece of paper you use to write out the problem and show your work in detail.  This will be an excellent resource for each module test.
  • For each test, you will be required to show detailed work and turn your work in after every test.  
  • If you begin to struggle in the class, the first thing I will do is ask to see your notebook.  Your notebook is your best record of what you are accomplishing in the course.  

5.  Lesson 1.1:  Factor and Solve Polynomial Equations - GCF

6.  Complete by Thursday Sunday, 1/20

  • Syllabus Check (located above the first announcement)
  • Homework HW Review 1-3 (located at the top of the Review Folder)

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, 
is not an act but a habit.


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